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1. Working capital financing 

We finance current business needs for working capital, purchase of raw materials, payments for goods and services

Financial instruments
  • Revolving and non-revolving credit line
  • Fixed-term loan

Revolving credit line

Flexible instrument of your business financing that provides opportunity to receive the loan within set limits after total or partial loan repayment

Additional advantages
  • Tailor-made solutions and client-oriented approach to current business needs financing
  • Revolving credit line limit for a long term period
  • Full credit limit usage during its term (with repayment schedule)
  • Individual repayment schedule


Credit limit fixed to your company’s current account

Key conditions:
  • Developed to cover short-term financial needs (from a few hours up to 1 month)
  • Overdraft limit depends on monthly turnover on your company’s current account and cannot exceed 30% of such turnover for the previous month
  • Obligatory overdraft repayment at least once a month (balance at the end of working day)
  • Overdraft credit limit is set for up to 1 year
Additional advantages:
  • Overdraft is considered to be the most convenient loan: you manage it by yourself!
  • If sufficient amount was received on your account during working day, debt payment will be conducted automatically without paying interests for overdraft usage!
  • In order to use overdraft limit, you just create bank’s transactions with amount that exceeds your account balance. The payment is conducted immediately!

Credit line secured by deposit

Using funds without termination of deposit agreement and interests loss

Key conditions:
  • Currency - UAH, USD, EUR
  • Loan term – minimum 1 month (when deposit term exceeds loan term for 60 days+)
Additional advantages:
  • Using funds without termination of the deposit agreement and interest loss
  • Loan is secured by deposit of PI or legal entity
  • Minimum package of documents
  • Fast decision on the loan
  • Profitable interest rate

2. Fixed asset purchase financing

Financing extension, modernization, purchase/repair of equipment and special vehicles, purchase/repair of real estate and land plots

Additional advantages:

  • Tailor-made solutions for financing of purchase/repair of fixed assets, extension and modernization of production
  • Convenient repayment schedule
  • Prompt application pending and preliminary decision on financing  
Application form for legal entity loan
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Questionnaire for guarantee-individual
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